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One of the central ingredients in the success of any corporate or individual ministry is training. Because of our natural bend to sin, we must be trained after our hearts are converted and a continuous renewing of our minds. We must be trained to reign as “Kings and Priests” unto our God. Consistent training is the vehicle by which the strategies and “Keys of the Kingdom” are released and applied to the lives of those in the Body of Christ. Training ensures a unity of the faith. Training is also significant to us speaking and expecting the same thing.



So that the saints are fully furnished and lacking nothing, we must equip sons and daughters with the weaponry necessary to cause the “kingdoms of this world, to become the Kingdoms of our God and of His Christ.” We believe in equipping the saints for accurate and efficient full-proof ministry.



Proper ministry happens when one is released into ministry by a spiritual father. Even though Jesus was the anointed One, carried the anointing and had a Kingdom Assignment, He couldn’t just go and do ministry. His Father had to announce who He was and give the release into ministry. This announcement and release is recorded in Luke 9:35, which says, “And there came a voice out of the cloud, saying, This is My beloved Son: hear Him.” The danger of not being properly released into ministry gives rise to the “lone ranger spirit,” or the “rebel spirit.” Our God sets the paradigm for releasing into ministry and it is our duty to be keepers of the pattern.



Contrary to popular belief and teaching, all of the children of God are called into ministry. Many believe that only a select few are “called.” This belief does not agree with Scripture. Ephesians 4 states that we all have a ministry that we must be trained and equipped for. Our individual ministry is also called our “Kingdom Assignment.” Your Kingdom Assignment is your “why!” In other words, it is the thing that causes you to realize WHY you were born. Jesus sates, “For this purpose was I born, that I might destroy the works of the devil.”


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