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KLI’s Sunday Rewind…One Wall Away

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KLI’s Sunday Rewind…One Wall Away



All of us are one wall away from accessing the next dimension or the next level of blessing from God for our life. The children of Israel were standing on the outside of Jericho, with an insurmountable wall restricting them from entering Jericho and pursuing the promises of God. The Jericho wall stood in their way. The Children of Israel were one wall away from victory. Like the Israelites, we too have walls that have been erected to restrict our progress. Not all our walls are the same. Some of us have walls of fear, some of us have walls of doubt, some of us have walls of insecurity, some of us have walls of failure, some of us have walls of self-defense. You must be strong enough and have the courage to identify the thing that stands between where you are now and what God promised you. All of us are one wall away. That is all that separated the Children of Israel from the city of Jericho. You are simply ONE wall away from Victory!


Walls are designed offensively and defensively. Offensively, walls keep things on the inside secure. Defensively walls keep things on the outside from coming inside. Walls are protective measures.  Walls serve a significant purpose. There is a divine strategy that must be released for you to get the victory. This strategy is around the word confluence, which is the joining of two bodies of water, each with a separate current that integrates into one body of water with the strength of two currents. Because of the strength of two bodies that have now become one, the water flows with multiplying power. If you are going to get the strategy and strength to get through the wall, it is going to require confluence. You will have to come out of your independent thinking and your fear of connecting with other people. You cannot do it on your own, you must connect with those around you to  double the impact/effort! (Doubling the strength will lessen the effort).


Once confluence has engulfed the heart of the people, two other strategies must be employed:


1.       All the people in the camp have to walk in order to get this victory. (The people have to be All In) Joshua 6:8

2.       All the people walking, have to be quiet as they are walking each day around the wall. (The people have to be ALL Quiet) Joshua 6:10

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