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Sunday Rewind - Just Be

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In our westernized culture the pendulum swings on guilt or innocence. When we live our lives from a westernized perspective, we lean more on feeling a certain way, rather than being a certain way. No one is interested in being right, most just don’t want to feel wrong. If someone could mitigate you feeling wrong, you are okay with being neutralized in your feelings, without realizing the path has been made for you to BE right. We would rather FEEL a certain way than be a certain way.


The tension in your life right now is between being right or feeling right. Feeling right is an approach that has no depth, it’s an emotional construct. “Feeling right” has no regard for what is actually right, we have all felt right and discovered we were totally wrong.


 Hebrews 10:1-3, declares the law is only a shadow of the good things that are coming not the realities of them. For this reason, the law nor any of its sacrifices could ever make perfect those who drew near to worship God. Those sacrifices were an annual reminder of the sins of the people and kept them sin conscious. There is now ONE sacrifice that takes care of ALL your sins. When you receive the sacrificial death and resurrection of Jesus Christ and you apply His blood to your sins, you have no reason to be sin conscience. Once the blood is applied, you are right no matter how you feel. Release yourself from your feelings and receive your right standing before God.


By receiving the sacrifice of Jesus Christ, you can have confidence to enter the holiest place, draw close to God in full assurance having your heart sprinkled from an evil conscious, having washed your body with the pure water of the Word, and make your request known.

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